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The greatest misinformation from the US Presidential Elections turned out to be TRUE

The New York Post was on the verge of lynching and disappearing completely, but in an unprecedented decision, the largest social networks unilaterally decided to block the content of one of the largest American media for a single news item. Now the New York Times has confirmed the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Publishing an extensive report on the federal tax investigation against Hunter Biden, the New York Times confirmed the existence of a Hunter laptop. According to the Times, as part of the investigation, federal authorities combed emails between the first son of the United States and his former associates that were found in the laptop.

This laptop was the exclusive information in the news that the Post published a few days before the US presidential election. The news then was that Hunter had left his laptop in a repair shop in Delaware and forgotten about it there, after which its contents somehow reached the Post.

The newspaper claimed that the laptop contained a huge number of emails, messages, photos and financial documents between Hunter Biden, his family and business associates, “which states how the president’s son used his political weight in business deals abroad.”

The reason for the mass attack by social networks, media and Democrats against the Post in October 2020 was that:

“Many of the emails to and from Hunter Biden involve Joe Biden in the international sale of influence by companies run by Hunter and Joe’s brother, Jim Biden.

But the Times, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and the deep state did not allow that to happen. They spent four years trying to oust Trump, mostly falsely claiming he worked with Russia to steal victory in 2016. They were determined not to allow another four years.

“As a result of their fake Trump news, when they had the real news of the Biden family’s corruption, instead of reporting it and allowing users to share it on social media, they conspired to bury it.” said Michael Goodwin from New York Post.

Trump in 2020 for the laptop story:

hunter's laptop

Biden’s spokeswoman on the same subject:

hunter's laptop



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