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Ukrainian parliament member – Biden’s State of Union speech was ‘a total disappointment’ for Ukraine

.A Ukrainian parliament member said that Joe Biden’s State of Union speech was a “total disappointment”.

Oleksandra Ustinova said that whole of Ukraine followed the speech with excitement and much more concrete help was expected, especially from the air. She said:

“I can explain why. Today, the whole world is watching Ukrainians being executed. I cannot name it the other way around.”

Ukraine once had the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, following the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1994, Ukraine signed the Budapest Memorandum. The great powers (Russia, USA, Britain) promised her that it would not be attacked if they dismantled their nuclear capacity.

Biden’s administration confirmed that it will not send military aircraft to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine because that would lead to a direct confrontation with Russian forces.


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