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Trump Reveals Insights on Relationship with Melania in Recent Interview

In a recent interview on Fox News, former President Donald Trump shed light on various aspects of his family, with a particular focus on his wife, Melania Trump, and addressed the challenges faced during the 2020 election. The interview also delved into his recent victories in the Republican primaries.

Trump spoke highly of Melania’s intelligence and compassion, emphasizing her significant role throughout his tenure and expressing confidence that she would continue to play a vital role. He stated, “She’s very smart and a very compassionate person. She wants to make America great again, too,” highlighting his reliance on her advice.

Reflecting on the 2020 election, Trump acknowledged the challenges his family faced, citing unfair scrutiny and investigations. Despite this, he expressed gratitude for the strong support of the Republican Party, describing it as “very united” and expressing honor for his recent victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Regarding his victory over former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Trump emphasized his appreciation for the result, stating, “I’m very honored by the result,” and expressing eagerness to go up against what he referred to as “the worst president in the history of our country.”

Addressing Haley’s continued presence in the race, Trump suggested that she should suspend her campaign to avoid wasting resources. He stated, “If she doesn’t drop out, we have to waste money instead of spending it on Biden, which is our focus,” noting the party’s unity except for her.

President Joe Biden responded to Trump’s victory by declaring him the presumptive Republican nominee, emphasizing the high stakes for democracy, personal freedoms, and the economy. Biden thanked voters who supported his write-in campaign in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, emphasizing the importance of shared commitment to core values.

After securing victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump criticized Haley’s refusal to suspend her campaign and asserted that her chances of winning the nomination were slim. Despite Trump’s encouragement for Haley to withdraw, she remains committed to staying in the race.

The article also highlighted Trump’s upcoming challenges in the Nevada caucus and the subsequent primary in South Carolina, where he leads in the polls. The interview concluded with Trump expressing determination to win for the sake of the country’s future.


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